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We are an International Ukrainian educational support and charity foundation

International Ukrainian educational charitable and support fund

The fund was created in 2022 on August 4 of Ukraine initiative of the embassy in Lithuania together with the Ukrainian International school

To help preschool, school and academic-age children to create a quality educational, social, economic and legal framework and conditions in Lithuania, while preserving Ukrainian identity, language, history, national tradition and culture among the Ukrainian children who are temporarily residing in the country and who wish to return to Ukraine after the war.


To support and strengthen formal and informal education programs for Ukrainian children and services provided by state institutions, so that Ukrainian children get the same access and opportunities as Lithuanians. To work and cooperate together with local authorities, sponsors and civil society in order to ensure high-quality, efficient and motivating conditions for children's education, promoting student progress and good learning results. To support and provide an opportunity for informal education of Ukrainian children - intellectual, physical development and realization of creative potential. To help meet the child's basic needs - physical and emotional safety, good health, proper education, moral and aesthetic upbringing, communication skills, creative leisure time, i.e. create conditions for the growth of a fully developed personality, who could later realize his aspirations in his native Ukraine.


The purpose of the fund is to collect funds for: maintenance of educational institutions, repairs, technical provision with equipment, household goods, stationery, other scientific tool, for the support and development of science, sports, art activities of gifted and talented children in the formal and non-formal education system, for raising the qualifications, promotion and bonuses of pedagogues, pre-school teachers, non-formal education, technical workers and other persons who ensure quality education, safety and health of children.

International school of Ukraine

International Ukrainian educational charitable and support fund

The International school of Ukraine was established in 2022 at the initiative of the Embassy of Ukraine in Lithuania

And already has its own departments in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai. More than 2,000 students study in these cities and about 200 teachers work. The number of people wishing to attend our school is increasing in other districts of the country, so the question of establishing additional departments will be raised later.

Ukrainian state International schools of this type have been operating in 11 European Union countries for 15 years. Here students are educated according to the program approved by the ministry of education of Ukraine

In Lithuania, children learn Lithuanian, English, and French from the first grade. Also, in order to Integrate them into the Lithuanian society more quickly, additional Lithuanian language classes are held in day centers where other extracurricular activities can be engaged in, promoting Integration into the host community.

International Ukrainian educational charitable and support fund

School is free for children

The teaching process is financed from the budget of the Republic of Lithuania, applying the principle of the student basket, and the costs of maintaining the School, including rent, communal fees, other economic matters, and repairs are covered by this jointly established International Ukrainian education support and charity fund, which actively cooperates with sponsors and civil society.

Ukrainian International school is very necessary for Ukrainians

Because there is still no general agreement between the two states, i.e. Lithuanian educational schools do not have the right to issue a certificate valid in Ukraine - the student only receives a confirmation that he studied or graduated from school in Lithuania, therefore after the war the child cannot continue his education in a general education school or study in a higher education school, because the Lithuanian education program does not meet the standard of the Ukrainian education system.

Meanwhile, this school has signed an agreement with the state Lyceum of Ukraine International school of Ukraine

According to the provisions of which our school educates children, and the state of Ukraine approves the results and certificates, i.e. our school's certificate is valid throughout Europe and Ukraine

International Ukrainian educational charitable and support fund

This year the International school of Ukraine

Issued annual evaluations and certificates for 1049 students from 1st to 11th grade and 123 certificates for graduates. Many Ukrainians have already been accepted to Lithuanian and European higher education institutions.

We are very needed by the Ukrainian community

A significant number of students and their families come from the periphery just for the opportunity to study at this school and create added value in those cities where they can feel safe for their children's future.

Integration of Ukrainian students into the Lithuanian community is often emphasised

Which the International School of Ukraine does not provide, and we categorically disagree. On the contrary, in some Lithuanian schools, pupils are forced to study in Russian, the language of the aggressor country (mathematics, history, geography, chemistry, etc.), In others, all subjects are taught only in Lithuanian, where, having failed to master the language, the Ukrainian pupil does not acquire the following The Ukrainian student does not get the necessary knowledge. In addition, they do not assess knowledge of Lithuanian and Ukrainian by grades, but only by tests. Unlike in our school, where Lithuanian is given special attention, it is taught from Grade 1, the whole education process is conducted in the mother tongue, Ukrainian, and pupils' knowledge is assessed by grades.



International school of Ukraine
Darius Matviekas

Director of the International Ukrainian educational charitable and support fund

International school of Ukraine
Olena Vnukovska

International schools of Ukraine Director

International school of Ukraine
Close and effective cooperation in Lithuania has already led to the establishment of four chapters of the International Ukrainian School in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai.


International Ukrainian educational charitable and support fund
We are grateful to our host country for giving us the opportunity to educate our children in this school free of charge, providing them with a high quality education process and efficient and motivating conditions for the children's education, i.e. for the growth of a well-developed personality who will be able to realise his/her ambitions later in his/her homeland in Ukraine.
Ukrainian family

We are grateful for the opportunity for Ukrainian children and their families living here temporarily and wishing to return to Ukraine after the war to make their own choices about the system and the schools in which they will be educated, while preserving their Ukrainian identity, language, national traditions and culture.

The Fundua team

Help Ukrainian children of pre-school, school and academic age

Creating a quality educational, social, economic and legal framework and conditions in Lithuania

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